Letter: New Federal Information Grab

To the Editor,

I am relatively new to your site and now read it daily. It is a valuable site, and I have been passing the word to my friends. Thank you so much for your work in getting the information out there that you provide.

My reason for writing is that I am firmly convinced that a SHTF event is coming, and coming soon. A daily reading of the news provides a piece or two at a time to be incorporated into the overall picture. We are witnessing pervasive domestic racial violence that is being largely unreported, our economy is tanking, and the Fed just keeps on printing more money with no backing. Our “great and wonderful” president keeps ignoring the laws that he doesn’t like and circumventing Congress to enact measures that he does like. Our values system has been destroyed, inflation and unemployment are at the highest levels in decades and the numbers are being fudged by the various bureaucracies to hide the truth, and the federal government is taking in more tax revenue than in our nation’s history and still has to borrow trillions of dollars to maintain our entitlement society. Illegal immigrants are being essentially state sponsored by our own government that is supposed to be protecting our borders, our foreign enemies are being emboldened by the coward-in-chief and his inane foreign policy, Russia and China are holding joint military exercises, and the Federal alphabet agencies are making power grabs of unprecedented magnitude, e.g. the EPA and NSA for two. These same agencies (USDA, NOAA, Dept. of Education, USPS, BLM, DHS and on and on) are buying untold numbers of assault weapons and ammunition.

This brings me to today’s latest– two unheard of federal agencies are going to compile a vast database of nearly every person in the country which will include personal data of every conceivable type. Please take a moment and read the article that I have provided a link to, and if you see fit please pass it on to your readers.

New federal database will track Americans’ credit ratings, other financial information – R.F.