Letter Re: Thoughts on Memorial Day

I just read your thoughts regarding Memorial Day. I’ve had the opportunity to live in both a very large megaplex city area (the LA/Orange/Riverside County area) and a very small town about half way between Sacramento and the Lake Tahoe area. I’ve noticed a major difference of behavior in the two areas regarding Memorial Day. Even in the area I lived in “down south” in south Orange County (a somewhat conservative area amidst other, more liberal areas), Memorial Day was seen far more as “a day off,” with little thought generally given to thoughts about the sacrifices of our veterans. Here in the little town I live in now, a very rural area given heavily over to conservative views (I might even say the residents are “old fashioned”). There’s a lot more respect given to those who’ve served. The difference is quite startling.

Memorial Day is NOT about BBQs, the beach, or baseball. It’s about the sacrifices Americans in the military have made over the years and who will continue to make sacrifices into the future. Also, as a personal commentary, veterans– past, present, and future– don’t get even half the credit and honor they deserve. – SRG