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  1. I got my unit about 2 mos ago. I was leery after reading good and bad critiques, but neatest thing I own. I love this thing and if you really do everything right, I think you’ll be problem free. I’m amazed at the technology and quality and it’s much easier to use than you’d think. Bleeding water out of pump after each batch and draining fluid and filtering it and refilling pump every 5 batches or so is much easier than it sounds and I’ve never had any oil spray or spillage cause every time I remove any oil, I use a measuring cup and replace exact amount I took out. Also, NAPA Auto Supply sells an elbow (90′) fitting with swivel nuts that you can put on hose outlet and connect hose to it allowing hose to go straight down instead of sticking out. Anyway, didn’t mean to go on so long, but my advice is GET ONE! You’ll love it. I’ve nothing to do with Harvestright other than being a very happy customer with an RV full of great healthy food. Thanks.

  2. My Facebook Group is called, Betty’s Harvest Right Freeze Dryers Group. If you would like to learn more about using a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer from experienced owners, come check us out.

  3. Hey, William Parker happy Harvest Right customer again. Wish to make small update on earlier comment back in April. I mentioned draining water and changing oil every 5 batches or so. I have since learned it is best to drain and filter oil after each batch. And still loving machine. I’ve had mine for almost a year now and still coming up with new ideas. Grab one or two while they are at such a great price. I paid much more, but it was still well worth it. I’ve got tons of food stored for any disaster and three course every trips. Technology so advanced on these things. Harvest Right rocks!!! Also, when filling with oil, seems like 700 ml is the perfect amount to add.

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