Letter Re: The Circular File


I noted with amusement your reaction to all the requests for info on property you owned 15 years ago. I own a farm in Ohio and got numerous requests and demands for data on my operation in years past and and submitted them all to the circular file. After a few years of this, I received a number of calls culminating with a threat of jail time. My response was that they should give me a few days notice before they hauled me away. Never heard from them again. – Al in Ohio

Hugh Adds: I’m glad to see that I am not the only one who callously disregards this invasion of privacy and strongarming. In this same note, I see that I have also received 3 additional mailings from the U.S. Census Bureau asking for additional information. It’s the first time I have ever received questionnaires from them outside of the 10 year census. My circular file is starting to get full again.