Two Letters Re: Preparedness For Teenagers


Preparedness For Teenagersjust once again brought to my attention a matter– we should ALL get a vocabulary change in place.

He states getting a shot gun.. then to ‘graduate’ to rifles and ASSAULT rifles (emphasis mine).

Please, can we STOP calling them ASSAULT rifles. They are DEFENSE rifles.

This is NOT directed to A.H. It is directed to ALL OF US. Stop playing the gun control crowd’s games. Terms and words DO matter.

DEFENSE rifles (as opposed to what the “crowd” considers HUNTING rifles, yet WE know any firearm, be it a 306, a 30.30, or a .45, can be a DEFENSE tool, as can a typical ‘”defense” rifle be used for hunting. (It all depends on what you are going after.)

Come on troops.. altogether now D E F E N S E … DEFENSE – P.W.

HJL Adds: Don’t forget the “standard capacity” magazines. I think the author did a good job, especially considering he was 18 years old when he wrote it. We do need to be wary of the word games used by the progressive left though. Thanks for the reminder.

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Watch the recoil on a 20 gauge. Last time I considered one there was certainly a smaller charge, but it was more than offset by the lighter weight of the gun, resulting in recoil equal to or greater than the 12 gauge. – Susan