How To Be Fully Prepared By Taking Charge of Your Health, Our Story, by J.D.

We began our quest to take charge of our health just prior to the end of 2011. Here is our story!

This article is for the purpose of sharing how two individuals (referred to as Person #1 and Person #2) with differing health issues took it upon themselves to learn about their health, deal with their issues, and get off many prescribed drugs. “One size does not fit all.” Eighty-seven percent of those who write the Clinical Guidelines that doctors follow have ties to the pharmaceutical industry! (UPDATE: 2014 an article just came out that states now that number is 53%, but it’s still too high! See “How to Cure Diabetes” page iii & JAMA article Jan 2014 “More than a Billion People Taking Statins”)

When doctors use the same protocols to prescribe the same drugs for every person, never looking for the root of the problem much less at what nutrient deficiencies exist that could be causing the problems, something is wrong!

We have achieved a number of successes, which hopefully will encourage you and demonstrate that some of you can do the same. We learned that we needed to find out what our body was missing and attempt to replenish those nutrients, as well as stop putting things into our body that have no nutritional value or, worse, harms the body chemistry! The body can heal itself, if you treat it with care rather than taking the easy route and merely masking symptoms with another drug.

Where did we start to learn about our health and how to correct problems? (For the serious student only. It requires a lot of reading and time to change your health, but the results are well worth it.)

  1. Books and TW Newsletter of Dr. Sherry Rogers, a physician of 40+ years who finally realized there were some important things missing in her medical training– Molecular Biochemistry and a recognition that the body can heal itself (See “The High Blood Pressure Hoax” pages 39, 202, 222)! She has spent her retirement empowering others on how to take control of their health and find their own cures, using natural means, since the hierarchy in medicine is more concerned about keeping people sick, so their profits increase.
  2. We started with the following four books by Dr. Sherry Rogers, which are very inexpensive for what you get: “The Cholesterol Hoax“, “The High Blood Pressure Hoax“, “Is Your Cardiologist Killing You“, and her latest book “How to Cure Diabetes“, which lists the nutrients in one section that most people lack, and how to correct them . Later we subscribed to her TW Newsletter to keep learning and keep abreast of new information. (NOTE: Dr. Rogers’ books have something in them for every problem, regardless of the title because most health problems are interrelated.)

Person #1: Changes and Results (over a two-year period, starting the end of 2011):

Description: This person was relatively healthy, took no drugs, but had some lipid levels that could be reduced (cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL), was a little overweight and not very active (trying to work on that), as well as a had some TSH level (thyroid) that was creeping up. She has no gallbladder, which caused some bowel problems after eating! She was a sweet and soda pop junkie! Eating habits needed to improve.

  1. Soda pop. She stopped it cold turkey because it has zero nutritional value and is full of refined sugars and high fructose corn syrup, which is bad for you. (Did you know it is also in ice cream, candy, salad dressings, and many grocery products?) She has no heart problems but noticed she would have what felt like angina and arrhythmia periodically. Now she knows what was causing this problem because it stopped after she stopped drinking soda pop. Listen to your body!
  2. Sweets. She was a sweet addict. She now tries to eat 70% dark chocolate occasionally, when she wants a sweet, but she tries to limit her overall intake. She has substituted a coconut smoothie, watermelon, and nuts. Her cravings have reduced significantly since changing her eating habits and supplementing with nutrients. Cravings are a sign your body doesn’t have something it needs. Feed it the right things, and those cravings go away. (Did you know sugar fuels cancers?)
  3. Trans fatty acids. Try to avoid foods with TFAs in them. “TFAs and plastics damage lipid metabolism, constrict blood vessels, and raise cholesterol and triglycerides” (“How to Cure Diabetes” page 163). (Did you know that the FDA allows manufacturers to add trans fatty acids and not label it, as long as it is under 500 mg per 1/2 cup? – “The High Blood Pressure Hoax” page 63)
  4. Salad Dressing. She started making her own with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1 cup) and Balsamic vinegar (1/4 cup). Then she adds spices, like thyme and oregano with some salt and pepper to taste. The store dressings are full of high fructose corn syrup and other junk.
  5. Water. She started drinking filtered water (Berkey Light), after noticing that by drinking water in plastic bottles over a few months that her TSH level increased. Plastic water bottles leach phthalates (plasticizers) as do all plastic products, including food wrappings. Products in plastics should be avoided as much as possible, even though it’s everywhere. Her main beverage now is filtered water. (The body needs a lot of water to function properly– eight glasses per day. However, it should be good water without fluoride and other chemicals that are toxic.)
  6. Cod Liver oil. Carlson Lemon liquid is the purest on the market, and doesn’t promote the fish burp, like the fakes out there do. It tastes refreshing. She uses one teaspoon daily after supper, and takes it with her Vitamin D3, which helps metabolize the D3 more effectively. RESULT: It reduced her triglycerides 23% in 6 months, among other benefits. (“The Cholesterol Hoax” pages 141 and 161.) You can find it here: Her lipids– Cholesterol/HDL Ratio– is the most important concern for her to watch. It continues to decrease, as well as the triglycerides. She contributes a lot of this to the quality cod liver oil.
  7. Vitamin D3. She now takes 2,000iu daily. (Many need 4,000iu, to start, if blood levels are under 60 ng/ml.) It takes two to six months to correct a D3 deficiency. (Carlson D3 is one of the best.) She had her Vitamin D3 levels tested for the first time. (The blood test to ask for is the Vitamin D3 25-Hydroxy, which revealed she was a little low.) Most people are extremely low. She now gets this tested annually and suggests others do the same! Vitamin D receptors are in nearly every tissue of the body, and it causes cancer cells to go back to becoming normal cells (called Apoptosis). Therefore, this nutrient (Dr. Rogers says it’s really a hormone) is extremely important to your health!
  8. Clay. This works through the digestive system. It does not enter the blood, and it’s a great detox. Due to having no gallbladder, she would previously have diarrhea shortly after eating. She started drinking 2 oz of clay a day (one in the AM and one in the PM), and it solved that problem and also made her more regular. It made her teeth whiter, and she received rave reviews from her dentist. She also got immediate relief from a stove burn on a finger by applying the clay mask to the finger very soon after the burn. Where a blister was starting to form, it never fully developed because the clay stopped it as well as the pain from the burn. The next day, it was like it never happened. Those are only a few benefits of a good clay that she has experienced, but there are many more. Remember, all clays are not equal in purity, so be selective. (She heard about this on a radio show.)
  9. Sugar. She switched to coconut sugar for her coffee in the morning. Refined sugar is not good for you. Other good sugars include Just Like Sugar and Stevia (as long as it’s pure. Don’t fall for Truvia, it’s the corrupted version of Stevia). Bad fake sugars: Aspartame, Nutrasweet, Splenda, et cetera). (Did you know that these fake sugars elevate cholesterol and make you hungrier than natural sugars? “The Cholesterol Hoax” page 186.)
  10. Meat. Some don’t eat meat, but there are some of us who can’t do without it. Therefore, they found a local grass-fed meat producer who uses no vaccines or hormones and bought meat from them. She rarely buys it in the stores anymore and has stopped eating anything with nitrites in it– hot dogs and cold cuts. Buy local when you can!
  11. Real Salt (Redmond) Natural Sea Salt. This is better than refined salt.
  12. Coconut Milk & Coconut Oil. She cooks with coconut oil and no longer buys other unhealthy and refined cooking oils, some of which are GMO (Ex: canola oil) (See “How to Cure Diabetes” page 159). She also drinks a coconut milk smoothie (1 cup orange juiceJ, 1 Tbsp. Honey, 1/2 can coconut milk, and 1 banana) daily. Coconut has gotten a bad rap. It is a medium chain triglyceride that assimilates well in the body, and it has many benefits. (See book by Dr. Bruce Fife “The Coconut Oil Miracle“.)
  13. Kale. She started eating kale a few times a week. This is highly nutritious! (Tear it off the stalk and bring to boil in water, then cook for less than 10 minutes.)
  14. Carlson Aces with Zinc and Iodoral. She lowered her thyroid (TSH level) by a whole point by taking one Carlson Aces with Zinc & 1/2 Iodoral daily for three months. She also thinks using real salt, instead of refined salt helped, as well as no longer drinking from plastic bottles and drinking filtered water.

TIP: Ask your doctor for a copy of your blood test results, and then make a chart which will show your progress over time, or what you need to do more work on.

Person #2 Changes and Results (over a two-year period, starting the end of 2011):

Description: She had high blood pressure, GERD, a hiatal hernia, one knee replacement (the other knee was weak), struggles with her weight, from time to time had herpes lip blisters (only one in two years, after making changes), and was diagnosed with diabetes 2, with diagnosis since reversed.

She was taking five drugs (some for over 10 years), and on various ones from time to time for high blood pressure. These included: Losarten, Tiazac (Calcium Channel Blocker that shrinks the brain and more), Metoprolol (diuretic that depletes potassium and more), one for cholesterol (Crestor, the cash cow statin, which now everyone is being told they need to be on), one for GERD (Pantoloc, which also depletes many nutrients), and soon would have been on a new diabetes drug. She thought that labels in the store that read “Diet” were the more healthy choices for her struggle with weight, but she later discovered that diet pop has aspartame, as do many products, and is even worse for you than regular pop and makes you gain weight. (See “How to Cure Diabetes” page 163.)

So, what did she do?

  1. Regarding her diabetes diagnosis, she immediately bought a treadmill and set out to lose weight. Over many months she slowly lost 100 pounds. She reversed this diagnosis, and her blood sugar is now normal. She has not had a bad reading since the initial diagnosis.
  2. After learning from Dr. Rogers books, she asked her doctor to order the Cardio Ion Test from Metametrix Lab, located in Georgia– a test highly recommended by Dr. Rogers. This is a 13-page assay of your total body molecular biochemistry. It is a little high priced, so if you can’t afford this test, purchase a copy of “How to Cure Diabetes“, and you will find a list of the nutrients most people are low in (page 181), and what to do to remedy the problem. Then read, read!
  3. She consulted over the phone with Dr. Rogers on the results of the Cardio Ion Test (a 1-hour appointment) and received a regime of nutrients to take over time to fix the body chemistry that was ailing, as shown on the biochemical assay. She then began using the nutrients suggested to replenish depleted nutrients, partly caused by prescription drugs.
  4. She began the process to fix problems with a change in lifestyle, eating habits and by using the appropriate nutrients, NOT DRUGS, to replenish and correct the body chemistry! She also started cooking at home more, and stopped eating out as much.

Results: (over a period of two years)

  1. She is off four of the five drugs that she had been put on for life. (Once on drugs, you rarely get taken off unless you say something and take action), She also lowered the dose of her blood pressure drug to the lower available dosage, 25 mg (Losarten).
  2. Her blood pressure is now normal and continues to be so. She used: Natural Calm (magnesium), Carlson L-Arginine powder, Carlson Acetyl-L Carnitine powder and other nutrients to correct this problem. She still uses these and keeps tabs on her blood pressure periodically! She had to slowly wean off of the three blood pressure medications, while taking these corrective nutrients. Slow changes are important with these medications!
  3. For her GERD, she stopped taking the pill immediately, as it is an acid-blocking drug, and acid is quite necessary for proper digestion. It also depletes nutrients. There are other ways to deal with GERD naturally. (NOTE: Some may need to be tapered off these drugs to avoid a rebound effect. She was able to get off of it quickly, without this effect, and has had no problems since. (If you have this problem, check out Zinlori by Metagenics.)
  4. Regarding cholesterol, her statin– Crestor– was stopped immediately! After reading much on this subject, we think the statin was lowering her cholesterol way too much, as well as lowering vital nutrients, which we think brought on her diabetes diagnosis. She also exhibited the symptoms of mania and being zoned out. Since she has been off this drug, she no longer exhibits these symptoms and her cholesterol is normal. (Cholesterol that is too low is dangerous.) She used: Carlson Cod Liver Oil, which is much better than a statin, and magnesium, which acts like a statin. These nutrients don’t deplete CoQ10, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin E, folate, et cetera the way statins do. (Did you know that Lipitor sales exceeded $120 billion between 1996 & 2011, and now they have changed guidelines to where they predict more will go on statins, even if healthy?) What do you think that will do for their profits? Also, do a search on Dr. Duane Graveline, and read about his TIA experience while on a statin. He states they damage the mitochondria. (See “New Study Fine Tunes Diabetes Statin Link” (WSJ, 8-10-12, Wang)(“How to Cure Diabetes” page 290.)
  5. She reversed Diabetes 2! This diagnosis woke her up and made her start taking her health into her own hands. She only had one bad blood glucose reading, and that was the one when she was diagnosed. Taking immediate action after that diagnosis is why she successfully reversed her diabetes.
  6. 6) Her first D3 test was 45 ng/ml. It should be over 60 ng/ml. Her levels are now normal. This was very important!

Drugs deplete nutrients that the body needs to stay well. If you can get off drugs by finding a natural substitute, we advise you to do so. After consulting with your doctor, find your deficiencies and correct them, and then slowly weaning off the drugs.

If we can do this, anyone can. It just takes a lot of reading and a commitment to want to be healthier WITHOUT DRUGS!

You will never be truly prepared until you act on behalf of your own health and stop believing the lies that drugs are an answer for every ailment. Big medicine needs to learn to share with natural products, because we know they work. We are proof that you can CURE yourself of some ailments, if you get educated, change your lifestyle, and correct your deficiencies.






  1. “Don’t stop what your doctor has ordered until you have cured yourself” (Dr. Rogers “How to Cure Diabetes” page 46.)
  2. “Some drugs cannot be abruptly stopped but have to be systematically weaned off over months.” (Dr. Rogers “How to Cure Diabetes” page 46)
  3. “There is a powerful force with obscene financial incentives that has worked hard to keep this information secret.” (Dr. Rogers “How to Cure Diabetes” page viii.)