Letter Re: North Carolina Drivers Charged by the Mile


I found the following that describes traveling versus driving. Mr. Rawles has an excellent chapter in “Patriots” that also addresses the same. This article is bit more in depth.

I have trouble believing sovereign citizens would allow a government to tax them for public roads paid for with tax payer money. – BT in TX

Hugh Replies: I used to have trouble believing that also, but then I watched sovereign citizens allow themselves to be treated as criminals– front doors kicked in, hands placed on heads or handcuffed, and kicked out of their homes without search warrants. The citizenry has become so complacent and dependent on the government that it can take nearly any step it wants to. It has been a long slow slide to serfdom, but the crises is upon us now! The citizenry of the United States must stand for what is right, what is moral, and what is Godly, and they must do it now.