Three Letters Re: Preparing Now For Good Sanitation After SHTF

Hello Hugh,

I liked the article on Sanitation, although I have a different idea for my shower. I too will install my handpump. It has a hose bib connection for it (Bison pump), so I plan to run a hose into the house or to my out door shower that is sitting stored away for future use. It involves fours sheets of plywood cut to 6 feet 6 inches, two pallets of equal size, a box of good screws and even carrage bolts to assemble the shower room and a few extra 2X4’s for framing all precut for assembly. I have a 55 Gallon drum painted black with a square hole cut out of the bottom of it, and place it upside down on the top of the shower house, after assembly. I already have the pipe and valve hardware, and a flexable hose type shower fixture ready to install in the small bung hole of the drum..after the drum is placed upside down on the shower house/out house, cut a cover to fit the the bottom of the drum, which is now the top. Paint it black also, as it helps to hold in the heat. Filling in the morning about 3/4 full will heat enough water to give a whole family a warm shower. We had 12 men using this system in Vietnam. We all got warm or HOT showers depending on the day. often it was so hot we had to add cold water before showering. Blessings – D.O.

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P.W. sent this link in about clothespin kits which might be fun for the kids to make: Classic American Clothes Pins.

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It is a great article, However, Preparing Now for Good Sanitation, has what I consider a mistake. His suggestion to get clothespins from DG has been problematic for me as they are cheaply made. They will break with the slightest pressure. Good clothespins can be bought at Ace Hardware. I have both and the DG pins can be used in making crafts—and even that, not very well. Please inform your many readers. J.H.

Hugh Adds: I would also warn against the type obtained at “Walmart”. Most clothespins are cheap imported junk. You will know the difference when you see and use the better variety. The Ace Hardware pins seem to be the best we have found as well.