Letter Re: Fast Communications

Dear Hugh,

I wanted to take a minute to put this out. If you have an old 12vdc power plug from say any old unwanted device you can make a power source for your CB. I did this in my all wheel drive car. It took all of 20 minutes, just plug it in while the car is on and it works. You can pop a magnetic antenna on the roof and you’re in business. Finish the CB chassis install using two screws to hold the radio to wherever you want to mount it, and another two for the mic. Now, your install is complete.

Good luck. -Fitzy in PA.

Hugh Replies: That is an easy and excellent way to get mobile communications up fast. On some vehicles, you even have the option, through the fuse box, to have that plug on all the time or only when the ignition is on. I find that different expeditions have different needs, and this is a nice feature. The only caveat is that auto makers usually don’t run more than 16 gauge wire to many of these plugs, since their usage was initially intended for a very short duration– to heat up a cigarette lighter. As long as you are not heavy on the mike, there should be no problem.