Letter Re: Clorox Changed Formula

Dear Hugh,

It is the “splashless bleach” that is to blame. It is not sodium hypochlorite 8.25%, and if you look on the label you can see that it has a different active ingredient. Look for a “non-splashless” formula. The last one I bought a couple of months ago did say “Concentrated,” Clorox,” and “Regular” on the label. It whitens my sink like you wouldn’t believe! – Pat

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Regarding your questions about Clorox bleach, according to my Registered Sanitarian/microbiologist wife, for disinfecting Clorox Regular brand is the best. Avoid scented and splash proof products; they are not sanitizers. Look for at least 6 percent sodium hypochlorite solution. The container must say “cleans and disinfects”. Clorox regular brand has dilution information on the label. You want 200 ppm for a disinfectant. “Concentrated” is 8.5 percent, which only changes the mixing formula for disinfecting. It must remain in contact for five minutes for disinfecting and two minutes for sanitizing. Read the label. There is lots of information. Also, never mix bleach with ammonia-based cleaners. Thanks – WCJ

Hugh Replies: Thank you for that clarification. I believe it also stands to reason that the “splashless” should not be used for water storage.