Letter Re: Salt Carton as a lid on Canning Jar

In Thursday’s Odds n Sods, you mention using the top of a salt carton in the top of a canning jar to create a pour spout. This will work, but I do not go through much salt, and the salt pour spouts don’t seem to be in good shape when I am finished with the carton. Also, this does not really seal the jar as tightly as I would like.

I saw somewhere to use the top of milk and juice cartons with the screw on lid. I go through a couple of these a week. I cut the top off, wash it well, and let it drain. I use the outside of the jar ring as my template to draw my cutting line. This is one example of how this works. This works well for me with popcorn, rice, spices, and many of my dry foods. I am well on my way to a good collection in my pantry. – R.S.