Letter: Good Find at Aldis / Carrying Blankets


I found Aldis tuna and chicken salad packs for $1.19. It comes with a small can of chicken or tuna salad and crackers to eat it on. It’s not the lightest most calorie-packed food you can buy to walk and carry, but it has a descent taste and us good for the car/day trips or short-term power outage at home.

When I lived in the South I once broke down and had to take a taxi home. I emptied my trunk of emergency supplies, including six army wool blankets I had bought from the thrift store. The taxi driver was saying how it doesn’t get “that” cold! I saw the report about the traffic jam in Atlanta due to the mass exodus and remembered his reaction. These folks living in the suburbs and commuting have money and can afford blankets from the thrift store and dry food like granola bars or peanut butter crackers for their vehicle. When I hear about the mothers not having food for their toddlers, I can’t help but wonder why they didn’t have a little water, food, and blankets in their cars. – L.E.