Letter: Interesting View from the Liberal Side of the Tracks


I saw a link to this in the Galts Gulch Daily Digest. I still am amazed that people think that they deserve such handouts without having to put forth any effort whatsoever.

It reminds me of the documentary on the Pruitt-Igoe housing project failure in St. Louis. Pruitt-Igoe was where people who were provided with low income housing allowed their neighborhoods to become overrun with prostitution, crime, and drugs, but were not willing to do anything about it. Other than call the police for someone else to fix their problem that is. My children are Millennials, but they have been brought up to know that if you’re not willing to work for something (food, home, peace, etc.) then you have no reason to expect something. It is a sad thing when the MSM is pushing for more of this type of stupidity instead of using their access to the public to inspire for good.

P.S. I really enjoyed how you answered the question the other day regarding home security firearms, and I am in 100% agreement. I for one carry my sidearm 24/7 and that includes at home. When I am sleeping it is on my nightstand next to me, not locked in a safe. Fathers and Mothers need to seriously take the responsibility that your family is for you to protect, not the police, teachers, or other ‘social interest groups’. Thank you – Brad M