Letter Re: Walmart and Augason Emergency Food Supplies

Welcome Hugh,

Walmart is carrying Augason Farms in their store and has carried it in our local store for a couple of years.

The excellent thing about Augason Farms is their large selection of Certified Gluten Free items, for those of us who need to look for those items. Walmart does not carry many of those in their stores, but they can be ordered through Walmart/Sams. Costco also offers some items online and in stores, often with free shipping.

If you sign up at Augason Farm’s website or “friend” them on social media, you’ll see they have a lot of really nice promotions. I’ve ordered directly from them and saved 30 to 40% off. With their very reasonable shipping, it’s cheaper than Walmart. Plus, on their website, you can get a lot of recipe ideas as well as excellent product quality and service. – JN