Letter: LDS Canneries

With the changes at the LDS canneries, I wanted to share some other sources for bulk wheat and grains. For folks who live and around SW Montana don’t forget that Wheat Montana has it’s own retail store where one can buy 50lb bags or wheat berries and flour. It is located in Three Forks, MT which is in SW part of the state.. Wheat Montana is also the wheat berry supplier for WalMart if you’ve never heard of them. They also sell pre-package six-gallon buckets for long term storage, as well as the buckets, gamma lids, and oxygen absorbers for those who may want to do it themselves. When I compared the prices for wheat berries several years ago, the prices were very close to what it was at the LDS canneries. By the way, the “instore” price is NOT the same price as what’s listed online; it’s always cheaper. Azure Standard is another source we use. They sell in bulk and also have a good variety of organic foods as well. They offer free delivery to most of the Redoubt once a month, and they will also ship via UPS as well. We’ve been very happy with them, and their prices are fair. Thanks, long time SB reader, Fletch