Letter Re: A Lifetime Gun and Magazine Purchases in Just a Few Months?

Brother Rawles,
Thank you to you and Ulysses in Montana for the detailed article on .308 battle rifles.  The current political environment kicked me into high gear, buying one.  Ulysses information helped me out tremendously.  It will help me save time and money on getting familiar with a new caliber and rifle.  In the beginning hours of the Gun Grab I picked up an Armalite AR-10 lower receiver and mags. I’ve got a number of 5.56 AR’s but have been putting off getting my “dream” rifle for a couple of years.  Depending on what happens in Washington DC, I might trade it toward a FAL or build the .308 Armalite. 
There’s a lot of people who argue with their spouse’s upset over their firearm purchases.  I’ve had to explain to my wife that I’m expending a large part of my lifetime’s firearm budget in a short period of time…and not by choice.  It’s either now or never.  We had a heart to heart discussion about it and have had to make some sacrifice’s in some other area’s for a short period of time.  She’s been supportive but I regret not explaining things to her better at the beginning.  One silver lining of this situation is learning to be a better husband and mate. 
Thank you for years of telling us to stock up on magazines and all the information you share. God bless you and yours, – K. in Richland, Washington 

JWR Replies: I’ve mentioned this before, but given the exigencies of the politics of the day, it bears repetition: Stock up on magazines before a ban. Magazines should be your highest purchasing priority.

In the worst case there will be a Federal production ban on battle rifles and magazines with no grandfather clause. But failing that, I expect to read of a “bi-partisan compromise” for “…only a magazine ban.” And this compromise will be labeled by the mass media as a huge disappointment for the Democrat party. (Isn’t incrementalism devious?)

But even if a magazine ban fails in Congress, then we can expect an import ban via Executive Order! I’ve been warning you since 2007. It is time to get serious about buying full capacity magazines, even if it means running up a balance on your credit card for a couple of months. (And this is coming from someone who is adverse to consumer credit!) In three or four year, when a 19-round Glock magazine is selling for $200, you’ll be glad that you did!