Letter Re: Hemostatic (Quickclot/Celox/ChitoGauze) Agents


In a recent TCCC class, more info was covered on why hemostatic infused gauze is preferred over Hemostatic granules.
The concept for Hemostatic agents was first explored with the use of instant mashed potatoes dumped into a wound. The blood soaked the potatoes thickening them up and helping aid the blood in clotting. This was efficient, until it was realized that the potato “granules” were being carried into the blood stream and causing blood clots. Obviously, this is a very bad thing. When the hemostatic agent was first created in a granule form, it did the same thing as the mashed potatoes did, only faster. However there was a small chance of the granules once again escaping into the blood stream causing blood clots.
In a combat zone where helicopters were used for evacuation of wounded – same as in most rural areas of America, the rotor wash would blow the granules out of the wound (bad) and sometimes blow them into the eyes of the medics or others present causing eye issues.
After application of the granules, Gauze of some sort as well as a trauma bandage had to be applied.
Next up in the evolution of progress was Hemostatic Infused Gauze. This has avoided the issue that the granules had, and helped speed up the blood clotting due to the Gauze being applied as the Hemostatic is. In a situation where a Hemostatic agent is being applied, clearly time is life. So removing one step out of the blood stopping and bandaging equation is a good thing.

Just something to be aware of. – Bluelinesheepdog