Economics and Investing:

From Chris P.: Food and fuel shortages in war-torn Syria.  Regime targeting bakeries and farmers.

“Twist” Redux: Fed to Launch New Bond Buying Program to Ease Fiscal Cliff Fears

B.B. liked this Peter Schiff interview: Majority Doesn’t “Have A Right To Steal My Money Just Because They Voted For It”

Why The Fiscal Cliff Is Set To Crush The Middle Class With 50% Tax Rates

FEMA trailers to the rescue! (a month or two late): U.S. Rep. Pallone: post-Sandy temporary housing plans in N.J. to start following talk with FEMA director

Items from The Economatrix:

New Fed Metrics, QE4 Won’t Cure What Ails the US Economy

Thirteen American Cities Going Broke

Consumer Prices on U.S. Decline More than Forecast

Gold’s Mega-Rally Hangs in Balance