Letter Re: Pat’s Product Review: PakLite 9V LED Flashlight

Hi Captain Rawles,
I’m a long time SurvivalBlog reader and occasional commenter.

Just had to respond to EagerGridlessBeaver with his post and review of the Paklite LED flashlight battery life test (WOW!) and the possibilities for IR use.  If you could afford to purchase numerous of the IR LED models, these same could be sequestered around your property connected to clothespin  type contacts and trip wires.  With a quick scan at night with your NVGs you would know instantly if any of your wires were tripped, with invaders being none-the-wiser if they were without NVGs.  It could provide an alert and invisible “light on target” so to speak.  They could be hidden under many things like bluebird nesting boxes, etc. and otherwise camouflaged. Not that they are that big anyway.  Any idea how far the light would be visible?

I don’t know which of the two IR bandwidths (880nm or 940nm) that are available would be the better for this purpose.  Any experts out there with suggestions?
Regards, – Steve in Florida