Letter Re: Fabric Choices in Survival Clothing

Dear Sir,
In response to Emma C.’s article on Fabric Choices in Survival Clothing, I have two suggestions of where to find fabric at exceptional prices.  The first is the Fashion Fabric Club web site.

I have found wonderful wool there for 50-75% what I found at other sites.  I was very pleased with my purchase and they have a great return policy.  Although the disadvantage is not being able to see the fabric in person, it was worth the savings to me.

The other location is Zinck’s Fabric Outlet, just east of Berlin, Ohio (in Amish Country). 

They have great prices, a huge amount of clearance fabrics, and a large selection (but no wool).  They also give a discount if you buy what is left on the bolt (be it 1-20 yards).  If you make a trip to visit this store, don’t forget about Lehman’s Hardware and The Ashery Country Store is a great bulk food store. 

Be  blessed and thanks for a great blog site! – Lacey M.