Letter Re: Mental Preparation for Lethal Force

Hi Jim,
That was a well written and informative article by Mark B. on preparing yourself to use deadly force. As a retired police officer and firearms instructor I can tell you that Mark gives solid advice. We can also look at history for lessons on what’s important in prevailing in a gunfight. I’ve been involved in a few myself and I’ve spent a lot of years figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve studied the old west, taken many courses, read countless books and analyzed my own experiences and how I survived. It can be distilled down to these things in this exact order:
1. Mental Determination to win
2. Accuracy (the old adage, you can’t miss fast enough to win is certainly true)
3. Speed
4. Aggression
The fastest draw or the first shot off isn’t what counts. Hits in vital areas count and continuing the fight until the threat is gone. Practice under stressful and physically exerting conditions. As Bill Jordan said about gunfighting, “there’s no second place winner” . Do a web search on “Bill Jordan Border Patrol” if you don’t know who he is. He spoke from experience.
Thank you, – Carl L.