Pat’s Product Review: Propper Brand Outdoor Clothing

I have literally lost count of the number of SurvivalBlog readers I’ve heard  from, who asked “what is the best camo pattern…” Well, there is no easy or absolute right answer to this questions. It depends on the terrain, that you’ll be operating in, as to what camo pattern works best. I have always been fond of the old Woodland camo pattern – but it’s getting harder and harder to find this surplus clothing.

Without a doubt, I believe the US Army’s ACU gray digital camouflage pattern is one of the worst camo designs to come along. It doesn’t matter what terrain you might be in, if you are wearing ACU, you stick out like a sore thumb. The US Army has finally realized this, and are switching to other camo patterns.

The old US military woodland camo pattern is a really decent design and works pretty well, when you’re in the woods or grassy areas. However, it’s not the best camo pattern. Enter the new Propper Clothing blended  A-TACS foliage green blended pattern, that is really outstanding. First of all, the Propper uniforms are sewn to US mil-specs, and vat-dyed 50% Nylon/50% cotton rip stop fabric. There is hook and loop face for attaching rank insignia and unit patches, as well as name tags. The Mandarin collar can be worn up or down, and the hook and loop sleeve cuff closure provides positive closure and adjustments. There is a 3-slot pen pocket on the left sleeve and shoulder pockets are designed to fit optimally with the OTV.

Propper’s matching blended camo pattern pants  are made of the same material, and feature leg cuffs with front closure ties. Also featured are knee pouches with hook and loop closure for internal knee pad inserts. Button fly with a drawstring bellowed calf storage pocket and forward-tilted cargo pockets. Now, without a doubt, both of these clothing items are super-strong – we’re talking seriously tough material, that will give you years of service. Ok, so what’s the big deal, you ask? Mil spec ACU clothing is built strong as well.

The “blended” A-TACS foliage green camo pattern on the Propper clothing is unlike any other camo pattern you’ve seen. It’s really hard to describe, but the colors aren’t “printed” – instead, the colors are actually “blended” – kinda like working with different water-based colors on a piece of paper, where you get the different colors to blend together. I’m not sure how Propper pulled this off, but I’m blown away at how well this camo can blend into the woods in the Pacific Northwest here in Oregon. I did a test, I walked across the road to my neighbors property, and placed the Propper shirt and pants on some blackberry bushes – this is only about 50-yards from my front door. Keep in mind, I knew where I placed the clothing. When I walked back to my front door, I turned around and it literally took me a few seconds to find where the clothing was on the blackberry bushes. I asked my wife and oldest daughter to come outside and find the “hidden” clothing – they couldn’t find it – even when I was pointing at it. That, my friends, is an outstanding camo pattern for the woods. It is perhaps the best camo pattern I’ve run across for staying hidden in the woods.

There are many SurvivalBlog readers who are hunters, and the Propper Foliage Green blended camo, would make an outstanding clothing for still or stalk hunting. It would be great for bow hunters who use tree stands – you just blend into the background with this foliage green camo pattern. I wish I knew how Propper was able to make this camo pattern, it’s very unique, to say the least. But very effective, to be sure. Check out the web sites above for a close look at the camo pattern, however, keep in mind, the photos don’t do justice to the camo – you can’t do this clothing justice, until you see (or not see it) in the woods. When I go hunting this coming Fall, this is what I’ll be wearing. And, if I ever have to bug out for the boonies, this will be my camo clothing of choice.

These Propper camo clothing items are made in The Dominican Republic. The jacket/shirt and trousers retail for $59.99 each. However, you won’t be wearing this clothing out anytime soon, so if you are in the market for some of the best woodland pattern camo clothing, that will hide you, take a close look at the Propper line-up.

Okay, on to my “uniform” of the day. I don’t honestly recall when I last wore a pair of jeans, or a suit – I believe the last time I had a suit on, was about 11-12 years ago, when my oldest daughter graduated from college. My “uniform” of the day usually consists of cargo pants, a t-shirt and hiking boots. During the summer months, I wear some kind of button-down shirt over my t-shirt, to conceal my handgun. I’ve been wearing cargo pants, long before they ever became popular, like they are today.

Along with the A-TACS Foliage Green blended camo clothing above, that I received for test and evaluation, I also received Propper’s Lightweight Tactical Pants. These are a step-up from my usual cargo pants, in that, they are designed for “tactical” use – plenty of pockets and other added features that you will find of use when carrying concealed. You’ll see SWAT teams wearing these pants (they come in various colors) as well as street cops wearing these pants. However, you’ll also be able to wear these pants off-duty as well…and “no” you don’t have to be a cop to wear these pants – they are great for everyday wear.

Okay, bear with me, there are a lot of features on the Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants. Fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant, DuPont Teflon fabric protector repels stains and liquids, low profile appearance for use on and off duty, includes a D-ring for keys or tools, extra-large belt loops, action-stretch waistband for enhanced comfort, reinforced seat and knees,zipper fly, nine-pocket design, two cargo pockets with hook and loop closure, two hook and loop closure back pockets with wallet (pocket in a pocket), two front pockets with reinforced opening for folding knife or multi-tool, internal openings for knee pads, cell phone pocket, two hidden coin pockets and they also come with a free matching belt. That’s a lot of features, to be sure.

The Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants are 65/35 poly cotton ripstop DuPont Teflon fabric. And, the fabric is coated to repel stains. In my case, this really comes in handy, especially when I’m in the yard playing with some of my German Shepherds and they are playing rough with me – I’m always getting my pants (and everything else) dirty – I often wonder why I bother to have my wife wash my pants, ’cause next time I put ’em on, and play with the dogs, they are dirty all over again.

Over the years, I’ve tried quite a few different cargo-type pants, some are good, some are really good, and some I wore one-time and gave them away. These new lightweight tactical pants, are really a cut above most of the rest. When I tried the pants on, they actually fit like they were supposed to. This isn’t as easy as you might think – some pants, just don’t feel right when I put them on. I almost felt like I was “dressed-up” in these pants. As comfortable as they were, they were even more comfortable after they were washed. For me, if my pants aren’t comfortable, I won’t wear them – simple as that. Additionally, the belt loops are spaced properly so when you wear a gun on your belt, the gun is just in the right position.

I’ve purchased similar tactical cargo pants for a lot more money, than these Propper pants retail for $39.99. I’m sure you’ll find a good color selection, as well as size selection. For me, these are the only tactical/cargo style pants that I’ll be purchasing in the future. Yeah, I really liked ’em that much.

If you’re looking for some other type of tactical/survival/military clothing, be sure and visit and check out some of the other excellent clothing products they have. Every time I visit the walk-in store at US Tactical Supply, they always have something new and exciting there, that I find I must have.

Now, I know this article won’t end the debate over which camo pattern is “best” for concealment. However, if you find yourself operating in a wooded area, or the mountains, with lots of trees and shrubs, I think this A-TACS foliage Green camo clothing will be hard to beat – it really is amazing how well you blend into the woods when wearing this clothing. – SurvivalBlog Field Gear Editor Pat Cascio