Letter Re: A Practical Utilitarian’s Take On Firearms and Calibers

Mr. Rawles,
I really enjoyed the SurvivalBlog article by Kyrottimus, titled A Practical Utilitarian’s Take On Firearms and Calibers. I appreciate his expertise and experience.  I commend his list of Must-Haves for the AR-15 or M4gery, and would like to respectively suggest one more item to add to the McFarland 1-piece gas ring, the Bravo Company Gunfighter charging handle, and the Magpul B.A.D. Lever.  The Defender D Ring should be an addition to your AR-15 rifles.  After listening to John Farnham sing the praises of this little device, it should be a serious consideration on a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).

The Defender D Ring installs around the extractor.  With the high bolt velocity of the AR-15, the extractor can be stressed.  The Defender D ring provides a stronger extractor tension, as well as contributing to the reliability of the extractor, and extending its life.  You can purchase this inexpensive “must-have” at Strike Tactical Solutions

Farnham’s perspective is civilian use of the PDW, with an emphasis on function and reliability. As a woman, these considerations are very important factors in defending myself. – Belle Ringer