Letter Re: Thoughts on Paracord Belts

I’ve made a few paracord belts and would like to mention that not all paracord belts are the same. Some have fancy weaves and really look neat. (That was what I did with my first try.) But after completing that project I realized that in the event of that envisioned emergency, I would have to build a campfire, make some coffee and sit on a log for a considerable period of time undoing the braid of the belt and tying pieces together. What if I needed the paracord in a hurry? What my friend had fallen to a precarious ledge? Knit or crochet pattern belts require nothing but undoing the end and pulling. Make sure your survival belt so that it can be quickly turned into a single rope.

The second thought is to put your vanity aside and make (or buy) a belt that is several inches longer that you need. The main reason you have the belt is to hold up your pants and carry your knife or Leatherman tool. If your shoelace becomes unusable or you have to lash some poles together for a travois, you will still need a belt. Not to say you couldn’t take a couple of wraps around your waist but, not too comfortable, much better to just pull loose the excess belt and then re-secure the end. – B. Buzz