Economics and Investing:

This hardly comes as news to SurvivalBlog readers: The new black gold: U.S. farmland. (Thanks to R.C. for the link.)

Bank of America: Show us your death certificate

Doug Casey chimes in, over at Zero Hedge: Its A Dead-Man-Walking Economy

Items from The Economatrix:

Americans Asleep At The Wheel Driving Into Debt Slavery

Bernanke Says Higher Energy Prices Constitute A Threat To The US Economy

Existing U.S. Home Sales Hold Near Two-Year High. [But for a dose of reality, read this over at Zero Hedge: New Home Sales Make It 12 Out Of 14 Economic Misses. Thanks to reader Damon S. for the latter link.]

Wall Street Mostly Slips, But Tech Keeps S&P a Four-Year Highs