Letter Re: After the Shooting

Dear JWR:
In response to Tupreco’s After the Shooting submission in SurvivalBlog, I have two observations to offer:
1: None of the scenarios or situations in that essay reasonably described those I’ve encountered in the aftermath of three separate lethal force incidents. Happily, in two of those, there were multiple witnesses, so the situation was pretty far removed from the Home Alone scenarios so described in Tupreco’s thoughts. That is not to say that they aren’t valid, in some locales; just an observation that in some areas, things may not go nearly as simply as described; in others, the investigatory process may be a whole lot more benign. His words of caution are well-advised, but beware that in being cautious, you do not appear to be antagonistic toward the investigators, who may well be antagonistic to your own best interests. I was much, much more fortunate than that. But your mileage may vary.
2:  I have been provided by my attorney with a laminated card for presentation to any responding or investigating officers, along with his business card with home and cell phone numbers, so that he can respond if needed to provide his assistance and effectively respond to their questioning. Once again, in some locales, presentation of such information might annoy or enrage some investigators who demand to control the interview process to their benefit and satisfaction. In my own present locale, my local sheriff has reviewed it and told me he has no problem with it, and wouldn’t want any investigator who was upset by it on his department- he views it as the citizen equivalent of the “Miranda Warning” card carried by his officers. It reads as follows:

If I have given you this card, it is because in fear for my life it has been necessary to take action to defend myself. I am willing to sign a criminal complaint against the attacker. I will also point out witnesses and evidence. This is a stressful and traumatic experience for me. Therefore, I wish to make no further statements until I have spoken with my attorney. I also do not consent to any searches. I will cooperate fully once I have consulted with my attorney. As a lawfully armed citizen, I ask you for the same courtesy that you would show a fellow officer who has been involved in a similar situation.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Regards, – George S.