Letter Re: A Poor Man’s Guide to Prepping and Food Storage

Hello Captain,
I just read “A Poor Man’s Guide to Prepping and Food Storage,” by T.P. He mentions getting free meat by way of road kill and says “It helps to be able to tell how long an animal has been dead.”
I can help. Having been a bricklayer in the Southwest and the Northwest for 35 years, I have worked with and become friends with many native Americans. Years ago one of my pals told me that he ate road kill all the time. When I asked how he knew if it was fresh or not he replied:
“That’s easy. When I’m on my way home from work I look for dead animals on the road. Whenever I see one I stop and draw a circle around it. [Most of us in construction carry lumber crayons] Then, when I go to the store to buy a pack of beer, I stop and pick up the ones that don’t have a circle!”
Happy Hunting, – Maddog