Two Letters Re: Your Kidneys in TEOTWAWKI

Dear Mr. Rawles,
Dr. Bob is 100% accurate in telling people subject to kidney stones to give up coffee, tea and cokes (a.k.a. calcium oxalate).  As a man who has given birth to 14 stones in 10 years, 2 by litho., I am glad to say I am stone free for two years and show no signs of having more stones.  Part of my Southern heritage is enjoying sweet-tea.  But it had to go, along with my morning coffee and afternoon Coke.  I had a headache for 6 days before the caffeine left my body.  Still, I can look at a Coke and just about die craving the sweet caffeine laced beverage.
I tried a low sodium diet, but I do not recommend it to anyone unless your physician says it is necessary.  The reason is that some of us on low sodium diets will suffer from depression.  Being on a low sodium diet just about caused a premature end-of-life situation for me.  I do not want stones, but I have got to have salt to keep the other chemicals in my body in-check.
By the way, I drink about 32 ounces of acidic juice or lemonade a day.  This is supposedly places acidic compounds in my body that helps to dissolve stones.  One doctor told me I could drink 6 ounces of red wine a day to get similar effects.  I prefer non-alcoholic beverages.  But, water all day long is boring, it is nice to drink something with flavor. – Jon H.


Good Morning,
I would like to thank Dr. Bob for all of the valuable information that he shares.  His articles are informative and easy to understand; each one has been printed out and is in my medical binder. 
As many women can attest to, drinking cranberry juice at the first sign of a urinary tract infection can flush the system of any bacterial infection.  For long term storage, there are dried cranberries and cranberry tablets made from cranberry extract.  Taking the tablets daily in a TEOTWAWKI situation will provide an extra layer of protection and provide an excellent source of vitamin C.
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.  Julie H.