Letter Re: Food Storage in Two Liter Bottles

Dear Mr. Rawles,
I have found storing food in 2-Litre soda bottles (an idea I first read about on SurvivalBlog) a convenient and cost effective element of my long-term food storage plan. I have used both oxygen absorbers and dry-ice in the bottles and have found if packed properly the oxygen absorbers create a vacuum pack, shrinking the bottle down around the food; and using dry-ice, if a bit is left in the bottle before sealing, creates positive pressure, the condition the bottle is designed for.  Assuming that the dry-ice method is used properly and there is no risk of creating sufficient pressure for a “2-Litre bomb”, do you or the SurvivalBlog readers have an opinion on positive pressure or vacuum conditions for 2-Litre bottle food storage?
Thanks, – Sean B.