Letter Re: Hypertension Prevention and Planning

Regarding the recent article Hypertension Prevention and Planning, by  Dr. Bob and Docswife, I recently learned about a Chinese herb called Jiaoguluan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) .  Jiaoguluan is a vasodilator, and is reputed to have several beneficial properties.  An Internet search  turns up research that suggests that is reduces blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels.  How much credence to give to a lot of what’s on the net is hard to determine.  The plant can be grown in the US and brewed into a tea, which is the traditional Chinese way of taking it.

Perhaps some SurvivalBlog readers are knowledgeable about Jiaoguluan, and could provide additional information.  If it works as suggested it could provide an alternative to prescription meds, and you would have the additional advantage of being able to grow your own. – Rick S.