Notes from JWR:

I’m pleased to announce that the new, greatly-expanded, SurvivalBlog Archive CD 2005-2011 is now available for ordering and immediate shipment. As an improvement to the now discontinued the 2005-2010 edition, this latest edition includes an extra full year of the blog and bonus electronic copies my book “Rawles on Retreats and Relocation” in three formats: PDF, MS-Word, and HTML. That book normally sells in hard copy for $28. The new CD-ROM sells for just $14.95. It is now packed in a DVD case, for extra protection in the mail. The order fulfillment company takes credit card orders. With the SurvivalBlog Archive CD, you can have fully searchable copies all of the SurvivalBlog archives and static pages (such as the SurvivalBlog Glossary) available on your laptop, even after a power grid collapse. (You do have a backup power supply for your laptop, right? If not, then see the many articles in the SurvivalBlog archives on setting up you own alternative energy system.) And, BTW, once you own the CD-ROM, you can copy its entire contents onto a memory stick (“thumb drive”) for ease of transport in your G.O.O.D. backpack.

Today we present another product review by our volunteer Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio: