Economics and Investing:

SurvivalBlog’s Editor At Large, Michael Z. Williamson sent this: Goldman Sachs predicts that U.S. will be world’s largest producer of oil in 2017

J. in Kabul sent this: Here You Go: It’s Over (by Karl Denninger.) Here is a brief quote: “Oh sure, there will be rallies and there will be selloffs. But there is no longer a market, there is no longer a thing to trade, and there is no longer a reason to believe that superior analysis will lead to profit or even safety.”

Warning: Coinage debasement ahead! Steve Rothman says it costs more to make a penny and nickel than the coins are worth.

Kevin S. sent this: 50 Best Bartering Sites for the Frugal Student. (Also of interest to preppers.)

From J.B.G.: Now UK faces a £5bn bill to bail out Spain… as ministers plan for euro collapse

Items from The Economatrix:

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