Letter Re: BPA in Steel Canned Food Linings

Cpt. Rawles,
A recent article was cause for concern and may be of interest to many of your readers: Soaring BPA Levels Found in People Who Eat Canned Foods.  I personally will be minimizing canned goods from the store and focusing on glass and dehydration for my own stockpile.  I have been told a very small list of companies have began to ship in BPA free cans, but I am not aware of who is on that list yet.

They claim the same thin plastic lining is used for almost all canned foods and leaches BPA, if true this is a big concern for those of us with a deep pantry of commercially produced canned goods.

Best Holiday Wishes, – Nate in Colorado

JWR Replies: I’m confident that BPA-free can lining will become the norm within a few years. So in the long term, the health effect will be minimal. In the meantime, this certainly makes home canning with glass Mason jars more attractive.