Pickup Bed Liner Coatings for Full Body Paint on Bug Out Vehicles

I’ve seen a few trucks near my home in in Idaho sporting full body paint jobs using a Rhinoliner type application. I didn’t get any pictures but here is a link to a photo os a Jeep in Arizona with this job done to it. Seems like a good, durable long term solution for scratches and weather damage. Regards, – Jason M.

JWR Replies: I agree that it is a durable finish and it also is quite flat, which makes it less reflective. Two potential drawbacks that I can see are: 1.) Until this type of “paint” job become more commonplace, it might make your vehicle stand out from the crowd, which could be an OPSEC issue, and 2.) There are very few things in nature other than shadows that are large blobs of black. So don’t expect any camouflage advantages if you use a black bed liner coating. (Most bed liner companies still offer only black coatings.) But the good news is that more and more companies are starting to offer color options. Flat brown would be great, almost anywhere!