Pat’s Product Review: U.S. Tactical Supply

For much of my adult life, I’ve lived in rural areas – and I prefer it that way. Even now, I live halfway between two small towns in Oregon, and I don’t especially enjoy going to town for much of anything. I prefer to do a lot of mail-order shopping for many things I need or want. Over the years, I’ve been disappointed in many mail-order companies, their products and their customer service. I’ve done a lot of mail-order shopping from one particular company for the past 15-years or so, and that company is CDNN Sports and they have excellent service and their products are as-advertised. And, in most cases, orders ship the same day. So, it took a lot for me to look at another mail-order company.

I’ve probably driven past U.S. Tactical Supply in Albany, Oregon hundreds of times over the past 5-1/2 years, and yet I never stopped in their small walk-in store. U.S. Tactical Supply is only about three blocks for one of the gun stores I regularly haunt, but for some reason, I never stopped in this neat little store. I recently purchased a S&W M&P 9mm handgun, and I like to get plenty of spare magazines for any new guns I purchase. Only thing is, no one had any spare 17-round magazines for the M&P 9mm – not even Smith & Wesson! Believe me, I called all over the place, and no one had these mags. Enter U.S. Tactical Supply. I just happened upon their web site while searching for the M&P 9mm mags. I didn’t even pay attention to where the store was located at first. Then it dawned on me, that I had driven past this stores hundreds of times. Now, my next problem: Would they actually have the magazines they advertised in captivity, and at the price (which is low) advertised. I checked, and they did!

Now, if you are looking for US military “style” clothing and gear, don’t waste your time at U.S. Tactical Supply – just go and waste your time and hard-earned money at some outfit like Sportsman’s Guide – where much of the clothing (and gear) they advertise in their catalog and web site is described as US Military “style.” Those knock-offs don’t even begin to come close to genuine US Mil-Spec clothing and gear. But if you want the best of the best, then take a close look at U.S. Tactical Supply. You can even request one of their small catalogs if you prefer shopping that way, instead of via their web site.

I hear from SurvivalBlog readers almost daily, and over the many months I’ve been writing articles for SurvivalBlog, I’ve learned you all are a pretty intelligent bunch. I’ve also learned that you prefer to get the best clothing and gear available – and that is commendable. I’ve also noted that many SurvivalBlog readers are interested in counter-sniper tactics and gear. Well, I’m here to tell you, look no further than U.S. Tactical Supply, for all your counter-sniping needs. Need a sniper data book, angle cosine indicator kits, ballistic cards, scope dope kit, Mildot, master, field density altitude compensator gear, camo accessories, tripods – you name it, U.S. Tactical Supply has it – and once again, it’s not military “style” – it’s all the real-deal.

Want the newest US Military multicam camo clothing? Yep, they’ve got it, and they sell it for well below what others are charging, Again, it’s the real deal – not just military “style“. I know a lot of SurvivalBlog readers are really into their Springfield Armory M1A rifles, and it’s always hard to find accessories for their guns – look no further. Need some type of AR-15 accessories – they’ve got what you want. For example, they have EOTech and Aimpoint brand scopes. They also sell registered ($200 transfer tax) suppressors for your weapons. Other product offerings include MagPul accessories and A.R.M.S. brand scope mounts.

If you’re looking for the new U.S. Military Danner hiking boots (U.S.-made). (These are the boots that the military is presently transitioning to.) U.S. Tactical supply has them.They are the only place I’ve seen ’em, to date. Need a really good tactical pack? Check out what U.S. Tactical Supply carries. Knives and multi-tools – how about Benchmade, SOG Knives and Gerber, for starters? Plus plenty of medical supplies and gear, too.

There’s just a lot of outstanding gear in the U.S. Tactical Supply catalog and on their web site–too many to mention here. However, be advised, that this is some of the best of the best military and law enforcement gear on the market. The only things that I’d like to see them add to their line is some Blackhawk Products gear and clothing, and some ammo made by Black Hills Ammunition.

You should know that, U.S. Tactical Supply is also a DoD supplier, as well as a GSA supplier. While the store front operation is small, their mail-order and walk-in service is second to none. These guys take a personal interest in giving their customers the absolute best service they can. In today’s world, that’s important to me – and it should be important to you, too. If you want cruddy customer service – walk into Wal-Mart or any of the big box stores – they could care less if they can help you find something. Walk into U.S. Tactical Supply, or call them with a question, and they will bend over backwards to help you out any way they can. These guys are serious about their gear and their customer service.

The guys are U.S. Tactical Supply didn’t know me from Adam, but they went out of their way to help me out. They even offered to hand-deliver one of their catalogs to me, after the one they mailed to me didn’t show-up. How’s that for taking care of a customer? And I’m 25-miles from their walk-in store! I have no vested interest in U.S. Tactical Supply – but I’m telling you, if you want the best gear possible for your long-range survival needs, then you need to check out their web site and printed catalog that U.S. Tactical Supply produces. If you want customer service that is the best around – give these guys your business – you won’t be sorry!

If it sounds like I’m excited about this small company, I am! I like to give my business locally whenever I can. However, if this company were clear across the country, I’d still give them my business. If you’re like me, and you don’t want junk for your survival needs, then give them your business. And, unlike walking into one of the big box stores, most of the gear sold by U.S. Tactical Supply is Made In The USA, not China!