Letter Re: Nationwide EAS Test Failure

Mr Rawles:
I had to send along the link to the news article about the failure of the nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) with the observation that I would have bet this wasn’t going to work.
I say that as a retired Air Force avionics technician whose job was maintaining and flying as a crew member on the EC-135A, C, G, H, and L model Airborne Command Post Aircraft.  As well as in an advisory capacity for five years when the job was passed over to the Navy E6B in 1998.  Even on our best days with everyone doing the absolute best they could we would have to work around something.  That was with multiple communication options.
I knew the odds of everything being interoperable were going to be slim to none, and I wasn’t disappointed.
Keep up the great work your site has really been a “go to” for me and my friends. Respectfully, – Bill T.