Economics and Investing:

Rick Moran: ‘We are looking straight into the face of a Great Depression’

G.G. sent this news from England: Number of men aged 25-34 living with their parents rockets to 18.6 per cent, the highest level since 1960

At The Daily Bell: Der Spiegel: ‘Consensus Is Growing’ for ECB and IMF Takeover of Euro-Crisis. (And who will provide the support for the IMF? Most likely us–American taxpayers.)

Jason Hommel: The Dollar is Done – Deal with It

Barclays Says Italy Is Finished: “Mathematically Beyond Point Of No Return” (Thanks to John R. for the link.))

Items from The Economatrix:

Gold Up 1% as Europe Debt Worries Linger

Morgan Stanley Says Europe’s Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened

Gold Market Update

Berlusconi Promises to Resign Amid Italy Debt Woes

Oil Soars But Motorists Needn’t Worry Yet