The Mayor Bloomberg Puzzler

Here is a puzzler for Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City: What two things do all 15 of these mayors (and former mayors) have in common?

Mayor Patricia Christensen – Port St. Lucie, Florida

Mayor Will Wynn – Austin,

Mayor Sheila Dixon – Baltimore, Maryland

Mayor Eddie Perez – Hartford, Connecticut
Mayor Gary Becker – Racine, Wisconsin

Mayor April Capone Almon – East Haven, Connecticut

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick – Detroit, Michigan

Mayor Delle Donna – Guttenberg, New Jersey
Mayor Roosevelt F. Dorn, Inglewood, California
Mayor Frank Melton – Jackson,

Mayor Samuel Rivera – Passaic, New Jersey

Mayor Adam Bradley, White Plains, New York
Mayor Ray Nagin, New Orleans, Louisiana

Mayor Jeremiah Healy – Jersey City, New Jersey
Mayor Larry Langford – Birmingham, Alabama


Answer: They are all criminals, and they are all members (or former members) of your "crime fighting" organization.

Note to Mayor Bloomberg: Instead of background checks on gun buyers, you ought to lobby for background checks on mayors. But "Mayors Against Illegal Mayors" doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?