Letter Re: Uses for Colloidal Silver

I have seen a lot of things online about colloidal silver being an option to protect yourself from the barium aerosol chemtrails being sprayed over my city. I don’t know how I feel about the idea of inhaling silver particles into my lungs. Do you have an opinion on this subject? Have you used a colloidal silver inhaler system yourself? I trust your advice and I await your response. Thank you,
– Diana X.

JWR Replies: First, I must mention that I’ve concluded that chemtrails are an elaborate myth. (An example of Urban Folklore that has been debunked.) The technology needed to somehow infuse poisonous chemicals into the exhaust of jet engines would be impossible to hide. Ditto for the transport and decanting of the umpteen tanks of toxic chemicals. The legions of mechanics and truck drivers needed to carry out this alleged conspiracy out would have surely seen it, and the equipment would have long ago have been photographed. Those photos would be all over the Internet. We need to put this myth to rest, once and for all.

Second, colloidal silver is for treatment of viruses, bacteria, and fungi.  It does not detoxify your system of any chemicals.

Lastly, do not take colloidal silver other than brief periods of time, for acute ailments. Long term use is detrimental and will turn your skin blue.