Economics and Investing:

America’s Poorest States. [JWR Notes: I was surprised to see Montana on the list. Of course up there they are strong on barter and self-sufficiency, and that economic activity simply doesn’t register in dollar terms. A large portion of the population in Montana cuts their own firewood, hunts, and has a vegetable garden. My consulting clients in Montana tell me that lots of transactions are paid for in firewood, shed antlers, and even frozen huckleberries.]

Ayn Rand Institute president Yaron Brook the annual Ayn Rand dinner: The Coming Collapse: “We Can Buy Time, But We Can’t Change the Outcome”

Deep in sewer debt: Jefferson County Approves Deal With Creditors. (A hat tip to Sue C. for the link.)

Items from The Economatrix:

Unemployment Rates Rose in Majority of States

Household Wealth Dipped in Spring

Oil Drops as US, Europe Clash Over Debt Crisis

Almost 1 in 6 Americans Living Below Poverty Line. (Of course keep in mind that the American definition of “poverty” includes living with cable television, a car, XBox, air conditioning, et cetera.)