Letter Re: Another Job Opportunity in Northwest Montana: CNC Machining Programmer

First of all, thank you for your blog. I read it every night. I read your post about an employee search in Montana last night. I am doing a similar search. I need a highly skilled CNC programmer and I just can’t find one. We are located in Kalispell, Montana.

We presently manufacture rifle barrels, pistol barrels and complete rifles. I am looking at buying a $300,000 machining center, but until I find at least one person to program it and set it up then I can’t put in the order. [Some additional information on the company deleted, for OPSEC.] With the new CNC machine, we will be able to make M1911 pistols, AK-47s, bolt action rifles, AR-15s and many others. I am trying to talk my chrome lining supplier into setting up a branch out here in Montana. Anyone who is a fully-qualified CNC programmer and willing to relocate to Kalispell should e-mail me their resume. Sincerely, – Brian Sipe, President, Montana Rifleman, Inc.