Economics and Investing:

The game of public debt charades in the District of Criminals (DC) continues: Senate Approves $500 Billion Increase in Borrowing Authority. (Thanks to Chris G. for the link.)

Some interesting research by Mac Slavo of SHTFPlan: Banks, Governments Move To Restrict Personal Gold Bullion Purchases

Over at The Daily Bell: Fitch May Downgrade China and Japan: Worldwide Depression Draws Closer

I found this linked over at The Drudge Report: World Entering ‘Dangerous New Phase’: Lagarde

Items from The Economatrix:

The Future for Most Americans:  Pathetic Jobs, Bad Debts, and a Lousy Economy

Bring Out Your Dead – UBS Quantifies Costs of Euro Breakup, Warns of Collapse of Banking System and Civil War

Chart Shock:  The Real Unemployment Rate is 22%

All Hands On Deck:  Economy Imploding / DEFCON ONE Imminent / Gold & Silver Skyrocket