Letter Re: Lead: The Other Precious Metal

Dear Sir,

First, before I get started, my thanks to you for this blog and your books.

I’ve invested in metals: Gold, silver, check; “Real” copper pennies, nickels, check; Lead…what? lead? Yes, lead. To me, as a reloader and bullet caster for more than four decades cheap lead in the form of Linotype and wheel weights was taken for granted. But now, with the new regulatory push from the EPA, lead will soon no longer be used as the balance weights on our wheels. This will dry up the last major source of inexpensive used lead [that is in chunks that are a convenient size for melting pots].
My suggestion to all “preppers” even if you do not reload and cast your own bullets is to save your brass and keep an eye out for lead in any form (except lead/acid batteries)
because a reloader/caster such as myself would turn your empties into like new practice or hunting ammo. Some restrictions apply. I am talking about using cast lead in pistol
calibers, buckshot and slugs and some lower velocity rifle cartridges. Your MBR and  AR’s require jacketed bullets but you still need to save the brass it has value and  you could barter “components” for ammo. Reloading is a skill everyone should be aware of and a “group” should be able to perform. 

One last thing: Stock up on .22 Long Rifle (LR) ammunition. 10-to-20 thousand rounds would be a good start. It makes a great barter item. I believe there are more .22 LR firearms in US than all others combined and  .22 LR and the other rimfire cartridges cannot easily be reloaded.

Keep your powder dry. – Capt. Mike