Letter Re: Expanded Gun Controls in Canada?

Mr. Rawles,
The owner of CanadaAmmo.com recently posted on a public forum (Canadiangunnutz.com) that the Royal Canadian Mountain Police (RCMP) Firearms lab “is encouraging importers to hold off on new imports until the fall, when they expect the prohibited list to be ‘updated’ to reflect new models.”  Updating the prohibited list in all probability and precedent would mean sweeping confiscations of some firearms. [JWR Adds: Unlike here in the U.S., Canadian gun laws don’t have a tendency toward “grandfather” exclusion clauses.]

Even though the Conservative party of Canada now holds a majority government in Parliament and the party has claimed for years they would abolish the much hated Federal Long Gun Registry, they also have allowed the RCMP to reclassify and confiscate a variety of firearms in recent years, including the Norinco Type 97 bullpup carbine.

In all probability, high ranking RCMP bureaucrats in association with well funded, well organized gun-control lobbyists are petitioning the government to reclassify a wide range of currently “tacticool,” firearms contained within the long gun registry through an undemocratic order in council provision that exists in the draconian Canada Firearms Act.  These include:

M1A (M14)
[Robinson] M96
[Robinson] XCR
[HK] G36
Swiss Arms [Presumably the SIG 550 or 556 Series?]
[IMI Tavor bullpup] TAR-21
[HK] SL-8
[E.M.F.] JR Carbine

Before it’s too late, Canadian gun owners need to contact their members of parliament to let them know that government confiscation of property is theft; regardless of the creative excuses police bureaucrats come up with. – Mr. X.

JWR Replies: No doubt, they’ll cite the actions of a crazed bomber/gunman in Norway, as justification…