Letter Re: Plan B–Call Them Your Hobbies

Robert B. mentioned some great ideas for the “hobbies”. I don’t have a problem with my spouse, but it does give me some ideas of how I can normalize my activities to other people I know. I have an idea for your food storage though: One of my favorite things about food storage, aside from the incredible peace of mind it gives me, is that I never/rarely run out of things. I just go to my pantry. Maybe you could conspicuously run out of something important a few times, necessitating a trip to the store, and then bring up that having extras would make life just so much easier. It won’t get you the wheat and rice and beans you need for a typical year supply, but you could get oil, peanut butter, vinegar, spices and such to start, and then maybe work other things in as you go along. Just a thought. – Sarah M.