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More Shrugging: Alabama coal mine owner Ronnie Bryant became so exasperated by over-regulation that he declared: I’m quitting.” (BTW, I just added this article link to my American Redoubt page.)

Here’s a dip in spot silver, just like I mentioned. Buy on the dip days!

Jeff B. sent this: Proposed road rules for farmers anger some. Note that this newspaper article comes from Montana, where in 2009 they enacted a gun law that amplifies the 10 Amendment. Predictably, Federal legislators want to deem purely intrastate commerce somehow interstate. That is utter nonsense. It is high time for the Supreme Court to overturn the absurd 1942 Wickard v. Filburn decision–an example of war-time statism run amok.

Mark in Cyberia mentioned the fascinating Deep Capture blog, edited by the CEO of His latest series, “The Global Miscreants’ Bust Out,” shows how various criminal and jihadist organizations are combining to take down our system. This is in Chapter 20 of 24. Mark mentioned that the previous articles are similarly mind-bending.

Video clip: Ron Paul’s Urgent Warning of Credit Crisis, Dollar Collapse, and Social Unrest, and Loss of Liberty.

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