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The U.S. economy is now spinning out of control. It is now apparent that the 2008 credit crisis was never resolved. Rather, it was simply postponed, by creating $16 trillion out of thin air. With all that cash pumped into the system, a few people are now singing Once In A Lifetime, but most are singing the Hard Times Blues, or even Are They Gonna Make us Outlaws Again?

A recent piece by Tyler Durden: EU Debt Restructuring Leads to Bailout Euphoria / Silver to Double to $100 Say Citigroup. Tyler notes: “…it is very unusual to see such a bullish call from a major bank and suggests that at least some of the major banks see the writing on the wall regarding much higher silver prices. They are likely positioning themselves accordingly.”

Anthony T. mentioned: Largest Municipal Bankruptcy in History Could be filed next week (in Jefferson County, Alabama.)

Sue C. pointed me to some commentary from Rick Moran at The American Thinker: You know you live in a banana republic when…

Some commentary by Yohay Elam at FOREX Crunch: US Debt Ceiling: Three Ways This Can Unfold

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