Letter Re: Economic Solution?

Mr. Rawles:

You, and numerous other hard money advocates–like Ron Paul–spend a lot of time talking about the problems created by the Federal Reserve. You are right in calling it a private banking cartel–because, yep, that it exactly what it is. But what is the solution? Thanks, – Ralph in St. Louis

JWR Replies: In essence the problem is our reliance on debt-based funny money. (Take the time to watch the Renaissance 2.0 video series. While I don’t agree with all of its creator’s conclusions, overall it is excellent.) My emphasis on hard goods (barterable tangibles) and hard money (Nickels and precious metals) is part of the solution for disassembling the debt-based money system. We can bypass and inevitably defeat the banksters by not repeatedly cycling money through their system. An just by seeking private loans rather than bank loans and keeping our bank account balances small, we will deprive them of the “float” that is their lifeblood.