Economics and Investing:

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio foresees a U.S. Dollar collapse by 2013. (Thanks to Tom in Buffalo for the link.)

Dr. Ron Paul in The Daily Bell: Debt Ceiling Drama

Chris G. pointed me to an article where some Tea Party members wax SurvivalBlogish: Money Gone Rogue.

Reader David D. mentioned this in Der Spiegel: Tensions Rise in Greece as Austerity Measures Backfire. David expressed an opinion that the “austerity measures” benefit bankers. Citing the Argentinean experience to contrast the economic nosedive in Greece, David commented: “…the bankers’ austerity prescriptions are the quickest and surest way to beat the real economy down even further.” 

Bill C. was the first of several readers that sent this: Borders Book Stores to Shut Down. Reader John G. notes: “[These closures] will present an opportunity to stock up on books. Stores will be closing starting this week and total liquidation of all their assets is expected. Stock up [on useful references] now. As an avid reader of paper [books], I am very sad to see them go.”

John R. flagged this: The True Elephant in the Room Appears: Trillions in Commercial and Industrial Loans to Europe’s Insolvent Countries

Items from The Economatrix:

Bernanke Warns Congress On Debt Default

S&P Joins Moody’s to Warn of US Downgrade if No Debt Deal Reached

Return of the Gold Standard as World Order Unravels

And Then They Came For Your Gold

Bernanke: Gold Isn’t Money