Notes from JWR:

I have some good news and bad news about the SurvivalBlog 5-Year Archive CD-ROM: The good news is a price reduction: Beginning today (July 4th), we have reduced the price to just $14.96. The bad news is that since Lulu is getting out of the CD-ROM production business, you will not be able to order this CD-ROM after July 31st. (We are evaluating other vendors, and should have it back in production by mid-September.) Buy one to tuck away, just in case the Internet or the power grids ever go away. (I trust that most of you have at least a small photovoltaic power system to run a laptop.) This CD-ROM has of all of the SurvivalBlog posts from 2005 to 2010. The files on this CD-ROM are fully keyword searchable, and are provided in both HTML and PDF. Effectively, it emulates SurvivalBlog offline, on your PC or Mac. (A less capable version of blog archive is also available for Kindle readers.)

Have a Happy Fourth of July. Cherish your freedom, and do your best to help restore our lost rights. Support Constitutionalist and Libertarian candidates and vote everyone else out. And please take the time to write your Congresscritters often!